Rivellino Virtual Tour

LdV Art Gallery

Located in the city of Locarno – Switzerland, the Rivellino is one of the few military remains of the Visconti Castle (XIV-XV cent.). Important experts and researchers established that the Rivellino was conceived by Leonardo da Vinci.

Nowadays it represents a very important cultural complex that holds a lots of art events.

The rivellino: a 1507 autonomous fortress built by the King of France according to Leonardo da Vinci’s plans in order to protect the imposant castle and whose demolished rests were used in the 1530’s to connect the upper Cittavecchia and the lower town. As a result the rivellino remains an underground all to discover spire.

The Belly of Leonardo, 300 square meters of tall vaulted martial catwalks.

The Roof Terrace: 340 square meters of historic sightseeing wall defences, which will soon open the main entrance to the indoor spaces.

The vernacular house, a fully restored 450 square meters exhibit space on 5 floors, 3 underground, leading to an inner patio and the main entrance to the Belly.

The floreal house: an art deco building offering its exterior walls for various mural arts